Family Group Worksheet 

You hold the keys to documenting your family history. Take the time to fill out a Family Group Worksheet and submit it to your family's researcher. There is a lot of information in these forms. Fill in only as much information as you know and that you believe is correct. The more information that you are able to provide the more complete and accurate your family record will be.  The information will be entered into a computer program and used to research and document your family history as well as generate very useful genealogy charts. You will be asked to provide information for virtually every member of your family including your spouse, parents, grandparents, sisters and brothers, and your children. Supply dates and places when you know them because they help narrow the search for records. If known, use maiden names of females.
PDF Version

This PDF form needs the Adobe Acrobat Reader which a free application that is probably already on your PC.  If not, you may download it from This form may be filled in online or printed and completed manually. It cannot be saved or emailed from the Acrobat Reader with the data intact unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

Online Fill-in

This version is intended to be fill in on-line and automatically emailed to the researcher and manager of this website.  Only members and branches of the families that are the subject of this website should use this version since the data will be automatically emailed to a researcher for these families.

MS Word

MS Word version. It may be Open or and Save to your PC.  You may fill it out electronically or print off the form to complete it manually. Once completed mail or emailed a copy to your family's researcher.

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Sample Worksheet with (1) as much information filled out as possible (2) maiden name of females when known, (3) dates and location to the extent that they are known.

Family Group Work Sheet



Birth Date & Place

Death Date & Place

Marriage Date & Place

Your Info

John E. Doe Jr.

3/7/1950 Miami fl


2/14/1948 Miami Fl

Your Mother

Rose M. Patterson

5/6/1930 Miami Fl


Miami Fl

Your Father

John E. Doe

4/17/1928 Duval Co Fl

2001 Albany Ga


Spouse Name

 Kathy Simpson




Spouseís Father

 Tommy Simpson




Spouseís Mother

 Dorothy Simpson




Your Motherís Parents


Birth Date & Place

Death Date & Place

Marriage Date & Place

Her Father

James Patterson

Arlington Ga

Miami Fl


Her Mother

Mollie Smith


Miami Fl


Your Fatherís Parents


Birth Date & Place

Death Date & Place

Marriage Date & Place

His Father

Jimmie Doe




His Mother





Your Other Spouses

Marriage Date & Place





Your Brothers & Sisters

Birth Date & Place

Death Date & Place


Barbara Doe



George Williams

Ernest Doe



Susie Mosley

Cassandra Doe




Glenn Doe



Cynthia Martin









Your Children

Birth Date & Place

Death Date & Place

Spouse of Child

Brandon Jones




Anthony Doe




Christopher Doe




Alyssa Doe