Amster and Ellie Peterson Connor on the 1920 US Federal Census - Calhoun County Georgia

The Connor-Peterson family connection was forged through the marriage of Amster Connor and Ellie Peterson.

When they were interviewed for the 1920 US Federal Census ("the Census"), Amster and Ellie Connor were 45 and 36 years old, respectively. Although the Census no longer listed how long a couple had been married, we can guess that they had not been married longer than 10 years because according to the 1910 Census, Ellie was a widow and living with her father. Unlike the previous Census, there was no question regarding how many children a woman had given birth to. This Census tells us that Amster and Ellie had four children living with them: Jimmie age 12, Johnnie age 6, and Willie and Ester who both appear to be under 1 year old. There is no way to tell whether or not Ellie had given birth to all of them. It is possible that Amster was married before and some of these children are his from a previous marriage. Hopefully, we can find the answer to this later. We can assume that the child listed as Jimmie age 12 is Jimmie Knighton who was probably a child from Ellie's previous marriage. Amster was listed as a farmer and the rest of the family was listed as having no occupation. The Census stated that Amster and Ellie could not read nor write. It stated that Jimmie and John attended school.