The Family of William and Millie Byrd through the US Federal Census


The 1870 US Census finds William and Millie Byrd living in Mitchell County Georgia. They were 35 and 22 years old, respectively.  The Census state that William was born in North Carolina and Millie was born in Georgia. No children were listed.



By the 1880 US Census, William and Millie Byrd were the parents of six children:  Hassie (8), Cassie (8), William (5), George (3), Henry (3), and an unnamed infant.



By the 1900 Census, Willie and Millie Byrd were 70 and 60 years old, respectively. According to the census, Millie had given birth of 16 children with 11 of them surviving. Eight of their children were living at home.  They were Hassie, Joseph, Lousie, Mary, Ethel, Russell, Arthur, and R J.


Also on the 1900 Census, Willie and Millieís son, Henry, was married.  Henry and his wife Mary were the parents of two children: Henry age 12 and Albertha age 10 months.

George is probably only 2. He is not 12 as this record suggests.  I will report the mistake.



By the 1910 Census, is seems that Willie had past away.  Millie Byrd, now 65 years old, was listed as head of house.  She had two sons living at home: Arthur (16) and R.J. (12).  According to the Census she had given birth to 16 children with 11 of them surviving.


By the 1910 Census, Henry and Mary Bird were 30 and 38, respectively.  They had seven children living at home: George, Albertha, Edward, Will, Roy, Lusia, and Louvinia


By the 1920 Census, Henry Byrdís first wife Mary appears to have pasted away during intervening years.  Henry is now married to twenty-nine year old Vallie May.  There were nine children living with them.  They were Luciennia, Ernest, Ray, Bennie May, Lorranine Mae, Willie, and Stella.   At 29, Valley May is probably not the birth mother of most of the children listed.


Also on the 1920 Census, Willie and Millie's oldest daughter, Alberta, was married to Addicus [a.k.a. Allison] Peterson. Addicus and Alberta were both around 20 years old and lived very close to her parents. They had two children: John age 3 and Dorek age 1.  John's surname was Smith and was the child from Albertaís first marriage at the age of 15.  Dorek does not appear with the family on the 1930 Census and it is presumed that she had died during the intervening years.

Note: While researching in preparation of the 2003 family reunion I was surprise to find out that Uncle Johnnyís last name was not Peterson but Smith and that Grandma Alberta had another husband before granddad. I asked my mother about this.  Her understanding is that Albertaís first husband was killed by some white people. I need to somehow research this matter. In regards to Dorate, Iím told by Cassanda James Richardson that Uncle Kenny Peterson had mentioned that my grandparents had a daughter that died young.



Also on the 1920 Census: Two of Willie and Millie's children were living together.  Twenty-one year old R.J. Byrd was listed as a single head of house. His sister Hassie Bell was widowed and living with him. There are no children listed.



The 1930 US Census for Mitchell County Georgia curiously has Vallie Mae Byrd recorded in two different places. In the first occurrence, she is listed as a married head of house.  In the second occurrence, she is listed as the widowed head of house. In both incidences she has three children (Ernest, Lona, and Willie) and one grandchild (Jimmie) living with her.